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Roman Influence: Byzantium Jewelry Collection

Influenced by Roman traditions, the jewelry from the Byzantine Empire played an important role toward the expression of social status and wealth. With an abundance of successful trade and available wealth. In the late 520s AD, the emperor Justinian established a law whereby only the emperor could legally wear sapphires, emeralds and pearls; leaving gold […]

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Displaying One’s Party Affiliation is No New Fad

Displaying One’s Party Affiliation is No New Fad Political symbolism dates back to 1874 after a series of political satire cartoons were published in a number of publications, including Harper’s Weekly. Cartoonists, playing upon each others’ work, soon adapted the animal-affiliated party representation. Women have been displaying their political party affiliation since 1920s when Mrs. […]

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Cleaning Your Jewelry

Quick Tips to Cleaning Your Jewelry Properly

There is great debate and discussion regarding the proper care of rhinestone and costume jewelry. However, experience has demonstrated that the most damaging elements to costume jewelry and rhinestone pieces in particular are moisture, food, or hairspray. Rhinestone jewelry should never be immersed in water or cleaning fluids. The moisture gets trapped behind the stone […]

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Coco Chanel c. 1920s

The Madame Of Fashion Visits America — Coco Chanel

In the 1920s, American women were enthralled by the sophisticated designs that emerged from Europe. Europe, and in particular Paris, France, was the epicenter of all that represented fashion. Consumers were hungry for the latest styles both in clothing and jewelry. It was a time when American fashion industries, including jewelry manufacturers, all bustled to […]

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The Cabochon Collection

3 Reasons to Appreciate the Art of Cabochon Jewelry

To love jewelry one has to appreciate the effort involved in making a piece. Some old-world techniques have been lost to mass-production, but here are three reasons to appreciate the art of cabochon jewelry. The 1980s was transitional period as American Costume Jewelry Manufacturers began to move production aboard. The Napier “Cabochon Collection” was introduced […]

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