Napier Embraced The Boutique Look–1950s & 1960s Shoulder Duster Earrings

In the 1950s, boutique jewelry, a version of higher-end jewelry was seen in finer department stores across the nation. Napier, mostly known for its tailored lines, decided to develop a full-couture line of fashion jewelry. In its ensuing design history, Napier for decades, created pieces that held the prestige of “Boutique” jewelry. Here are two […]

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Roman Influence: Napier Byzantium Jewelry Collection

Roman Influence: Napier Byzantium Jewelry Collection Influenced by Roman traditions, the jewelry from the Byzantine Empire played an important role toward the expression of social status and wealth. With an abundance of successful trade and available wealth. In the late 520s AD, the emperor Justinian established a law whereby only the emperor could legally wear […]

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Napier Necklace c. 1930s WWD

Napier, Prystal and Dinner Jewelry

There has not been much written about the jewelry produced by The Napier Co. during the 1930s. It was thought that the company largely suspended its jewelry production during this period and focused its business on alcohol and tobacco-related items due to changed personal habits brought forth by the prohibition. One thing is for sure; […]

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Displaying One’s Party Affiliation is No New Fad

Displaying One’s Party Affiliation is No New Fad Political symbolism dates back to 1874 after a series of political satire cartoons were published in a number of publications, including Harper’s Weekly. Cartoonists, playing upon each others’ work, soon adapted the animal-affiliated party representation. Women have been displaying their political party affiliation since 1920s when Mrs. […]

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Cleaning Your Jewelry

Quick Tips to Cleaning Your Jewelry Properly

There is great debate and discussion regarding the proper care of rhinestone and costume jewelry. However, experience has demonstrated that the most damaging elements to costume jewelry and rhinestone pieces in particular are moisture, food, or hairspray. Rhinestone jewelry should never be immersed in water or cleaning fluids. The moisture gets trapped behind the stone […]

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