Woman's Day Magazine 1963 Featuring Napier Jewelry

Napier Product Placement 1960s Fashion

Another example of Napier product placement as featured in the September 1963 issue of “Woman’s Day.” The editorial was titled, “High Fashion Knits.” Shown here is one spread from that editorial featuring Napier bangle bracelets and earring clips. from The Napier Book https://ift.tt/3cnbS9h #napierjewelry #productplacement #1960sfashion #knitwear #napierearrings #napierbangles

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Napier Tailored Earrings as featured in Vogue

America Vogue January 1953 featuring Napier earrings— a classic tailored look.

The Napier Co. was a leader in manufacturing tailored jewelry. Its line was sold at the finest department stores, yielding great prestige for the modest-size company. Here is an example of elegantly crafty tailored earring design. America Vogue January 1953 featuring Napier earrings— a classic tailored look.                 […]

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1947 American Vogue Featuring Napier Trinket Boxes

Napier Trinket Boxes

    For many collectors, Napier’s gift ware line is as important as the jewelry. This 1947 Vogue spread features three Napier trinket boxes. These were produced for years, and today, we mostly see them in silver tone. For those who are Chanel jewelry fans, and treasure the classic Chanel bezel-set 60-inch faceted crystal necklace, take […]

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Napier "Garden of Gold" Trinket box

Napier “Garden of Gold” Trinket Box

Trinket boxes were among some of the items produced for the giftware line. This walnut-lined trinket box called, “Garden of Gold” is a fanciful beauty. These boxes were exquisitely detailed with an ornate exterior and finished with a walnut-lined interior.  What is your favorite Napier trinket box? from The Napier Book https://ift.tt/3cnbS9h

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Assorted Napier Charm Bracelets

The Napier Charm Bracelet

Napier charm bracelets are notoriously fun and highly collectible. Known to have been manufactured from the 1920s through the 1980s, Napier made hundreds of different styles. Unfortunately, they are also highly counterfeited, and thus, one must exercise due diligence when purchasing an unknown design. Trademark tags and clasps are often attached to lesser-quality pieces in […]

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Napier compacts 1948 and butterfly figural pins.

Napier compacts and Butterfly Pins. Harpers Bazaar Nov. 1948.

Napier compacts and butterfly pins. Harpers Bazaar Nov. 1948. Two years after WWII, The Napier Co. began to reestablish its manufacturing  items of non-noble metals, including vanities and fashion jewelry. Featured here in Harpers Bazaar are examples of  Napier compacts and figural pins.  These were sold at fine stores such as Bonwit Teller.     […]

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