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Napier Iridescent Cocktail Ring

The Glam and Glitter of Christian Dior, Swarovski & The Aurora Borealis Rhinestone

In 1949, Christian Dior implemented the first licensing fee. By 1950, he had signed his first American licensing contract for accessories, opening up a lucrative business in the accessories market. In 1956, when Swarovski in collaboration with Christian Dior developed the aurora borealis metallic coating for rhinestones, a plethora of glitzy and elaborate jewelry found […]

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That’s a Wrap: Bows Aren’t Just for Wrapping Presents – Fashion Embraces Decorative Ribbons

That’s a Wrap: Bows Aren’t Just for Wrapping Presents: Fashion Embraces Decorative Ribbons One of the favorite motto’s of a vintage jewelry aficionados is, “What’s old is new again.”   Bows have been an important part of adornment for centuries and The Napier Co., like many jewelry manufacturers utilized the bow motif for decades. Bows have […]

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The Napier Co. Designers

As a jewelry historian and a collector, I am always seeking to know who designed a particular piece of jewelry. But as the history of early fashion jewelry manufacturers fades into the sunset, determining the authorship of design isn’t always an easy task. For some companies like The Napier Co., designers did not take personal […]

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Jewelry History—The Wartime Era

Jewelry History—The Wartime Era Foreseeing the possibility of limited raw materials during the war, those manufacturers who had stockpiled material, continued meeting consumer demand. The amount of material backlogged ranged from 60 to 90 days to as much as a two year supply for manufacturing. However, manufacturers could not simply manufacture goods from their stockpiled […]

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The Arthur Godfrey Show
January 7, 1954 Featuring The Napier Co. Arthur Godfrey was a well-known radio and TV personality who’s career spanned decades. Known for doing lucrative promotional spots, he featured The Napier Co. in this January 7, 1954 broadcast. For Napier fans, this is certainly a look into the past during one of Napier’s most exciting period of market growth in the competitive […]

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Cartier and The Napier Archives

Although the designers at Napier were outstanding jewelers, silversmiths and artisans, they too, turned to other companies for design inspiration. This page was taken from a 1932 Cartier catalog that was part of The Napier Archive. As discussed in the book, many catalogs from other companies were used either to examine the marketplace and current […]

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