Napier “Pipes of Pan” Collection

Napier Is Sultier "Pipes of Pan" Collection

Napier Is Sultier “Pipes of Pan” Collection

Napier introduced the “Pipes of Pan” collection in 1973. Renowned jewelry designer Francis Fujio designed this “brutalist-style” collection for Napier during a period the company was notably recognized for creating larger breastplate pieces.

In the recently published book, The Napier Co.: Defining 20th Century American Costume Jewelry, the author features both the collar (shown in a vintage advertisement)  and pendant necklace, along with pendant earrings.  The pendant necklace features a three-tiered-construction central plaque comprised of three graduated stepped rows with hand-carved curved “pipes” and polished end surfaces.

Napier 1970s Pipes of Pan Necklace

Napier 1970s Pipes of Pan Necklace

A total of four necklaces, one hinged bangle bracelet and three earring designs rounded out this collection. The most popular necklace in the collector’s market is the one featured in the “Napier is Sultier” advertisement shown here. This particular necklace can command two to three hundred dollars at auction.

Unlike many of the die-stamped pieces of the late 1970s, the “pipes” for this design were hand-carved and then cast in white metal. The collection was available either gold or silver-plated. 

The necklace shown to the right measures 2 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ with 18″ chain. To view this and other pieces from the 1973 collection, go to page 477 of The Napier Co. or click here to purchase

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