Vintage Napier 1950s Amos Parrish Earrings


Designer or Manufacturer: NAPIER
Condition: Great
Date: 1950s
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult
Color: Goldtone, Goldplated, Gold-plated
Material: Brass
Style: Clipback
Size: Measure 1 1/8″ x 7/8″ w.

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Vintage Napier 1950s Amos Parrish Earrings:
SKU: NA-ER-20061119_29-50s-tnb-a-2
Description:: These Vintage Napier 1950s Amos Parrish earrings were not actually called “Amos Parrish” but hand-selected by the Amos Parrish Co. for one of its fashion clinics. This notoriety brought great publicity to The Napier Co.
For more information go to page 320-321 of The Napier Co. book. To see the matching bracelet click here.

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