Adventures in Paris: The American Jewelry Designer

The head jewelry designer of The E. A. Bliss Co. traveled rather frequently to Paris in the late 19th and early 20th century. These trips were  long and sometimes challenging trip for those who were not suited for the rolling seas and the salty air.

Mr. William Rettenmeyer made those jewelry-seeking trips, often in the company of Egerton Ames Bliss. In 1906, one of these trips was documented. In time, we will chronicle this adventure, and the industry to share first-hand all in a day’s work for one American Designer from Meriden, CT.

On his first day traveling from Paris to Germany Mr. Rettenmeyer writes:
“Igney Avricourt,   June 19, 1906, Monday.  First experience of the French way of sleeping on train like sleeping on a board with a pillow thrown in, not much comfort.”

Wm Rettenmeyer in 1906 aboard the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
Willian Rettenmeyer

Author: Melinda Lewis

Jewelry historian, Melinda Lewis is co-founder of Costume Jewelry Collectors Int’l (CJCI) and author of The Napier Co.: Defining 20th Century American Costume Jewelry.

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