October 12, 2021

The Napier Book Featured on GEM Stories

I’m so excited to share this GEM Story featuring my work on the Napier book! Please take a moment to read about my journey and the […]
October 11, 2021

Napier’s “Garden of Gold”

Napier’s “Garden of Gold” pins are shown here in a 1950s Vogue editorial. The design dates back to 1946 but became trademarked in 1953. This design […]
October 9, 2021

Napier Transparent Enamels

This is another fun collection shown both in gold-tone and transparent enamels. These designs date to the late 1960s. Do you have pieces from this collection? […]
October 7, 2021

Napier Tailored Bracelet – 1937 Item # 4

There is very little information available featuring the jewelry Napier made during the 1930s. However, here is a traditional tailored bracelet by Napier from 1937. See […]
September 19, 2021

Napier Byzantium Collection Update!

Here is a note to add to your Napier book on page 667. This is an extraordinary Napier Byzantium necklace from the company’s 1990 fall collection. […]
September 18, 2021

Napier Jewelry Design

This image is a rare opportunity to see a jewelry rendering (in progress) and the final product. This necklace is one of the most desirable designs […]
September 14, 2021

Napier’s “Sir Galahad” Collection

It doesn’t take long after reviewing The Napier Co.’s 1940 fall collection to be thrust onto the battlefields of medieval warriors where warfare decided the fate […]
September 12, 2021

Silver Renaissance Napier Charm bracelet

This is a rather rare vintage “medieval-style” silver Renaissance Napier charm bracelet featuring diamond-shaped double-layer filigree plaques flanked by drops featuring faceted resin spheres. The amber-colored […]
August 29, 2021

“Napier. Not The Usual You.”

In October 1991, after nearly 20 years, The Napier Co. commenced a new advertising campaign, “Napier. Not The Usual You.” The campaign focused on the jewelry […]