Fabulous 23k gold-plate collar necklace by Napier. This piece is a classic Napier style. We date this piece c. 1993-1995 based on the known pieces from around that era. Did you work for Napier and have inside information to date this piece? Curious minds want to know! #napierjewelryhistory #napierhistory #napierjewelry #thenapierbook

This is a fascinating c. 1960s Napier brooch pin with an unusual design. The pierced metalwork with the enameled background gives it an almost “stained glass” effect. It is marked “Napier” on the back and measures 1 7/8″ in diameter. #napierjewelry #napierhistory #thenapierbook #jewelryhistory
March 15, 2022
This fun figural enameled clown pin is a unique design for Napier. This piece dates to the mid-to-late 1960s. During the 1960s, the company designed many figural pieces in addition to its tailored and boutique lines. #napierjewelryhistory #napierhistory #napierjewelry #thenapierbook #napierfiguraljewelry
March 17, 2022