In the late 1960s, Napier produced a variety of translucent enamel designs. These c. 1960s translucent enameled five-point star earrings are fantastic! The hand-carved textured surface under the enamel adds interest to the design. These are large, measuring more than two inches across. #napierjewelry #napierjewelryhistory #thenapierbook #napierearrings #thejewelrystylist
April 6, 2022
This printer block is one of our prized possessions. It reads, “Hibiscus Blossoms” “Floral beauty captures forever in a pin and matching earclips by Napier. This loveliness will always be in season. Gold plated sterling silver.” “Pin $12.50, Earclips $18.00”
April 11, 2022