In the late 1960s, Napier produced a variety of translucent enamel designs. These c. 1960s translucent enameled five-point star earrings are fantastic! The hand-carved textured surface under the enamel adds interest to the design. These are large, measuring more than two inches across. #napierjewelry #napierjewelryhistory #thenapierbook #napierearrings #thejewelrystylist

This lovely brooch/pendant was part of the “Shades of Byzantium” collection featured in the book on page 301. The design featured translucent tear-drop, high-domed oval, and high-domed round cabochons set in cast metal. The collection came in single colors of citrine, amethyst, and emerald-green, in addition to the mix-color version. The collection was featured in The Chicago Defender on Oct. 15, 1955. The caption read, “Intricately carved silver floral (we’re showing the gold-tone version) settings form the romantic background for the regally polished cabochon amethysts …” #napierjewelry #napierjewelryhistory #napierbook #thejewelrystylist
April 5, 2022
In addition to the translucent enamels Napier produced in the late 1960s, the company created a series of plique-à-jour designs. We don’t see many of these on the secondary market. Perhaps because of the delicate nature of the construction and design. This lovely bracelet has a stained window effect. The green enamel creates a floral design, while the center red enamel ties the inner structure with the shape of the individual plaques of pierced metalwork. #napierjewelryhistory #napierjewelry #thenapierbook #thejewelrystylist
April 7, 2022