Gorgeous Napier Galleria Collar Necklace


In the early 1990s Napier introduced a series of beautifully designed rhinestone necklaces. This necklace was part of the 1992 Galleria Collection. This flexible link collar consisted of trapezoidal plaques surmounted by earthy autumn colored rhinestones in light and dark shades of topaz. The plaques feature carved detail accented by raised spherical detail (granulation) highlighting the top of bottom of each plaque.

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• SKU: NA-NE-2020-02-20 17.24.58-90-tjs-a-4
• Designer or Maker: NAPIER
• Mark: Napier
• Style: Flexible link collar necklace
• Circa Date: 1992
• Condition: Excellent
• Age Group: Adult
• Color: gold tone, topaz
• Material: white metal, gold plate, crystal, glass
• Size or Measurement: 18 3/4″ t.l. x approx. 1 1/4″ w.
• Type: Napier Necklace, 1990s Napier Jewelry, Galleria Jewelry, Napier Galleria Jewelry, Napier Galleria Necklace, Vintage jewelry, Vintage jewellery, vintage costume jewelry