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Vintage 1950s Napier Topaz-Colored Bead Swag Necklace


Vintage 1950s Napier Topaz-Colored Bead Swag Necklace:
Description: This Vintage 1950s Napier Topaz Beaded Swags Necklace is absolutely delightful. Gorgeous triple-sectional necklace is accented with faceted resin and silver spacer beads. Each swag of hand-manipulated metal is joined by silver caps suspending additional beads. For more information go to page 237 of The Napier Co. book.


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Designer or Manufacturer: NAPIER
Condition: Great
Date: 1950s
Color: silvertone, silverplated, silver-plated, topaz-colored faceted beads
Material: brass, hard resin
Style: Collar necklace
Size: Necklace measures 17″ tl.