Below is just a smattering of the book reviews for The Napier Co.: Defining 20th Century American Costume Jewelry

The Napier Book arrived today and it is worth its weight in GOLD. No pun included, but the book is a marvelous accomplishment and I am proud to say that the work you have done will assure us all, that vintage costume jewelry is among the finest man made entities on the earth to be treasured and preserved for the ages.

~ Joyce Zakierski Simons

WHAT A GREAT PRESENTATION!!!! You have assembled a master piece of the history of this company and its products spanning over a century of its existence. Congratulations on a job well done. You have structured this document in such a manner so as to make it a great tool to be used by creative people in jewelry design.

~ Ron Meoni (Former president and CEO of The Napier Co.)

I have the book now and it is unbelievable! I am glad I have the entire summer off from school to read it and mark it with post-it notes! What an outstandingly thorough job you have done, Melinda. Congratulations on an important piece of costume jewelry history!

~ Dale Ellen King

My first impression was “WOW!” The presentation of this book is the best I have ever seen. I will have many happy hours and hours looking and learning from this great book. Thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to the world of collecting costume jewelry.

~ Davida Baron

This is the best book ever. I am in awe of the knowledge you gathered.I am treating it like the true reference book it is. The type the librarian lets you look at but not take home.A true work of art. A labor of love.

~ L.E. Chapple

It’s been a long, long, long time since I’ve been so excited by a vintage costume jewelry reference book. Melinda, to say you outdid yourself does not even come close to a proper congratulations! Potential buyers: get off the fence, get out the dumbbells (it’s 700+ pages!) and buy this beauty! This is more than the story of a prolific design company — it’s the decade-by-decade story of 20th century costume jewelry. If you’ve ever appreciated the quality and artistry of Napier, you will not be disappointed.

~ Anne Morrissey

I believe this is the most comprehensive, detailed and personalized book ever written with regards the a company and it’s history.
If there was any way I could give you an award, you would have it!!!!

~ Mike Ruggiero (former vice president of design and head designer for The Napier Co.)

OMG!!!!!! It was packed perfectly and it is EXQUISITE!!!!!!!!! You should be very proud. The book is absolutely beautiful! The layout, the photos, and the paper quality are all outstanding! The price was a bargain given what I received.What an extraordinary gift Melinda has given all us CJ lovers. Thank you so much Melinda!!!!!!!

~ LeeJK

Not only is the book beautiful…photos, color, layout and design and paper, but is filled with an encyclopedias worth of information.
Everyone should have this as part of their jewelry library.

~ Shelley Osbourne

It is gorgeous, a work of art, and I can’t wait to curl up this evening and immerse myself in Napier history. Well done, Melinda!

~ Melinda Hatfield

Wow, what a Masterpiece. I rec’d your beautiful, heavy, wonderfully printed and designed book yesterday and just had time to open it. I am speechless. No wonder it took you a few years to do. It’s an encyclopedia! I skimmed through it and just loved the jewellery, right from 100 years ago to now. Congratulations on an exceedingly well done Napier Bible.

~ Barbara S.

I spent a good part of my day just looking and looking through your book. It is absolutely amazing with all of the information that you have collected and documented and just all of the information about jewelry trends and styles etc.

~ Ellen Rachlis

You will not believe the wealth of material that is in this book. Pictures, patents, advertisements, anything a lover of jewelry could want. Even if you don’t collect Napier (as I confess i don’t), it doesn’t matter. You will not believe how much is pertinent to any American CJ that we collect.THIS is a scholarly tome that belongs on every bookshelf for every student or lover of jewelry. This is what I have always wanted to read. The story and the history of American costume jewelry. You’ve done it

~ Robin Deutsch

Until I actually held it in my hands, I didn’t realize quite what a massive volume it is. And unlike the college textbooks that my students must purchase in my class, this is really a value worth the money

~ Heather Gothard

Now I can finally join in the chorus singing praises about the amazing Napier book from Melinda…You have to see this book in person to really comprehend the wealth of information that will take us quite some time to really digest…The pictures are just perfect and I especially love how it shows the old time movie stars wearing a piece of Napier and that very piece is shown in person … and the contents pages … most books have a page maybe two listing chapters on the contents page…this one has 15 pages counting both sides of the pages…oh my gosh!! And the Fashion Trends and Jewelry Trends on the different decades is so educational and helps us get the real feel of the era. I actually could go on for probably 10 more posts about how I feel about this wonderful publication. We all thank you so very much for all of the precious time you took out of your life to bring us this treasure.

~ Judi Bollan

I have to chime in on this superior book. I have been through the entire book page by page, mainly looking at the pictures and seeing what is in this massive book, but also reading some here and there! Now, I am starting over and plan to read more (but not skip the pictures – they are absolutely top quality!) I love the way the book is broken out into decades and talks about the fashion and jewelry trends. Also, the section on findings and marks – It is so detailed and so useful!

~ Linda Vogue

I received my books today and they are truly amazing. This is a book which is destined to be a classic work. It firmly establishes Melinda as a leading expert not only on Napier jewelry, but on the American jewelry industry and the history of fashion, as well.

~ Cheri Van Hooverr

WOW is the first word that comes to mind. It is exquisite! Melinda, you have done such an amazing job!

~ Leslie –Zephyr Vintage

I just got mine. WOW, Melinda, this is so fantastic, I am proud to own it. I can’t wait to have the time to sit and enjoy it. Just glancing through it has given me a thrill. Thank you so much for your work and wonderful contribution.

~ Barbara Diddle Czeh

Just wanted to chime in, that it is amazingI have not had a chance to sit and really see all that is in there, but what I have seen so far, is beyond comparison.

~ Sheri Weiss

Oh my gosh…it is amazing. Thank you!

~ Stefani Brawner

Congratulations! It is amazing. Looking at the size of this book I am surprised it only took you 12 years! the book is astounding!

~ Sally Hoffman

I am stunned at the magnitude of the work you and your associates accomplished. An amazing effort at each level of production. And, the scholarly endeavor is much appreciated. The bar has been raised.

~ Pamela Pamfiloff (Book Author)

This is no little book – and it is loaded with so much information that I’m both dazzled and dazed LOL!!

~ Debi Reed

I am in awe! Your book is fabulous. You have now set the standard for what a jewelry reference book should be.

~ Cathy Gordon (Book Author)

I am blown away. I have been in the antiques and collectibles business for many years and have 100’s of pounds of reference books, incl. jewelry books, but yours is in a class by itself, so superior I can’t even find the right words for it. The content, the photography, the quality of binding and paper are just amazing. Thank you soooo much, It is now my most treasured book.

~ Evelyn

The book (should I say tome?) arrived last week. I finally got a chance to look through it (and partially read) yesterday. It is WONDERFUL! Congrats on a job well done. Excellent resource and the photos are gorgeous.

~ Merry Shuggart

Your attention to detail is remarkable. This is not one of those poorly photographed and poorly researched books that are on the market. It is over-the-top classy, hugely informative, and I appreciate all your hard work!

~ Brenda Challinor

What a wonderful book! Lots of research, clear pictures everything you’d want in a jewelry book!Thanks Melinda ~ excellent in every way

~ Jan Cox