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The Napier Co. Designers

As a jewelry historian and a collector, I am always seeking to know who designed a particular piece of jewelry. But as the history of early fashion jewelry manufacturers fades into the sunset, determining the authorship of design isn’t always an easy task. For some companies like The Napier Co., designers did not take personal […]

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True Facts About Napier’s Commencement Date: 1875 or 1878?

True Facts About Napier’s Commencement Date 1875 or 1878? Since the 1930s, The Napier Co. had maintained the company commenced in 1875. However, for over 50 years (prior to the ’30s), the company documented and advertised its commencement date as 1878. After years of “corporate genealogical” research, documents do not support the 1875 commencement date […]

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