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Woman's Day Magazine 1963 Featuring Napier Jewelry

Napier Product Placement 1960s Fashion

Another example of Napier product placement as featured in the September 1963 issue of “Woman’s Day.” The editorial was titled, “High Fashion Knits.” Shown here is one spread from that editorial featuring Napier bangle bracelets and earring clips. from The Napier Book https://ift.tt/3cnbS9h #napierjewelry #productplacement #1960sfashion #knitwear #napierearrings #napierbangles

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Napier Embraced The Boutique Look–1950s & 1960s Shoulder Duster Earrings

In the 1950s, boutique jewelry, a version of higher-end jewelry was seen in finer department stores across the nation. Napier, mostly known for its tailored lines, decided to develop a full-couture line of fashion jewelry. In its ensuing design history, Napier for decades, created pieces that held the prestige of “Boutique” jewelry. Here are two […]

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