This Napier torsade dates approximately to the 1990s–similarly to the last torsade we shared that was made with jewel-tone resin beads. However, this piece is made with faceted crystals. This five-strand necklace is made of rich emerald and topaz jewel-toned faceted crystals. The topaz-colored crystals are flanked by gold-tone disk spacers. The emerald-colored strands have additional hand-textured spheres every five beads. The clasp is hand-textured adding extra detail to the piece. The necklace weighs slightly more than seven ounces. We date this piece to c. 1990 when the company had collections in jewel tones. The see the torsade previously mentioned click here:

Napier fashion rings
Napier Fashion Rings
February 13, 2022
We have all seen the Napier “Humpty Dumpty” children’s bank, but have you seen the baby powder dispenser? These certainly don’t come up often, and it is another example of the fun items Napier created for its children’s line. This item dates from the mid-1960s to 1974. To produce the hand-textured finish shown on the “Humpty Dumpty,” strong hands covered by leather gloves and practiced craftsmen were required..
February 15, 2022