Napier Brown Moonglow Cuff with Earrings

Sku: NA-ER-20070516_27-50s-TNB-a-2

Fabulous Napier brown moonglow cuff with earrings (free) for the lover of vintage pearlized thermoplastics! “Napier has taken the important coffee tones of brown for the inspiration to fashion the newest of necklaces … .” The Charleston Daily. In another ad, the caption read, ” Exotic and alluring for the lady of fashion. Designed by Napier, the leaf patterns contrast smoother and textured surfaces. The tiger-eye gems reflect mysteriously rich color and exciting drama … In fine gold plate.”

The wonderful c. 1955 bracelet is designed with hand-manipulated and die-stamped gold-plated brass and a thermoplastic cabochons. For more information about the matching pieces to this set, go to page 272 of your Napier book.


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